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Hassle Free Rentals

Elite Villa Management's holiday rental service provides villa owners a quick and hassle free income, as  « we take care of all needs and request» !

We guarantee the owner peace of mind with our support for guests and tenants.

We work hard to get you the maximum possible occupancy.

Rentals of a villa we manage are all inclusive of a Concierge Service offered by the owner.

Our Team is at your service before and during your stay.

You will keep the same interlocutor 7/7 and 24/24

We never forget that your guests must experience a unique vacation.

Our different packages

The package includes:

Handling rental enquiries & availability requests so the owners identity remain unknown.

Web-based rental calendar up-date.



The package includes:

Arrangement and coordination of inspection visits.
Drawing up of the rental contracts,
Follow-up of accounts, payments of deposits  and writing of receipts etc.


The package includes :
Cleaning of the interiors and the grounds,

Laundering of all soiled household linen,

Bedrooms and bathrooms set-up,
Dish washing, organisation of cupboards,
Emptying, cleaning and disinfection of fridge, garbage bins,
Watering of plants.

​Checking of appliances and villa equipment,


The package includes:
Meticulous cleaning of the interior and the grounds,

Checking of all appliances and villa equipment,
Bedrooms and bathrooms set-up,
Complete dish washing,
Switching on the air conditioning in summer,
Pre-heating of the swimming pool, if necessary,
Installation of the seasonal equipment such as garden furniture.


The package includes :
Total cleaning of the villa and any annexes,
Stripping down of beds as well as in-house and professional laundering of all soiled household linen,
Organization of all cupboards and fridges where required,
Emptying, cleaning and disinfection of garbage bins,
Closing up and securing of the property.


The package includes:

Meet  & Greet and introduction to  the property,
Control of inventory on arrival and at the end of the tenancy,
Calculation and the payment of the utilities.
Final statements,
24/7 emergency access for urgent plumbing and electric repairs.
24 / 7 access to the Concierge Services


Website: creation of a private website showcasing your property (with photos, video...)

Inventory Creation: where no inventory exists, it is meticulously prepared with photo taken by Elite Villa Management; Inventory signed upon guest' arrival and checked before departure; missing items are charged to the tenant.

Welcome package:   prior to guests’ arrival, the property will be set up with toiletries, flowers, fresh fruit, and magazines in the client's language.