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Property management

Felling swamped?   Your life is overwhelmig you?   Want to have more leisure time?   Want to feel secure?

Simply hand us your 'to-do' list and we'll take over, whatever the size or nature of the job is. 

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We offer flexible services whether you are in residence or not:
Key holding,

Scheduled inspection visits,

Control of all external areas (entrance, gardens and perimeter) to maintain an impeccable appearance and optimize safety.
Control of the humidity levels in the buildings to avoid damage or infestation.

Housekeeping of the property either on a regular basis or on request.

Checking of all equipments - heating, air conditioning, plumbing, and household appliances - to maintain it all in good working order.

Administration: assistance and coordination of administrative procedures - connections with all dedicated authorities, accounting, pyment of bills, taxes, insurance and legal documents.
Insurance: in case of damage, liaison with your insurer, coordination of inspection visits by experts at the property and management of the follow-up of the file.

Annual maintenance: inspection of boiler, fireplace, fire extinguishers, etc.

Gardens and swimming pool: selection and management of qualified professionals or discreet checking on the guardian’s effectiveness.


...and when you are away... ensuring maintenance and the security of your property:

Complete airing of all rooms.
Regular maintenance and cleaning to give a lived-in feel and ensure security by making the property look occupied.

Vehicles: starting up, change of tires position, cleaning, revision and inspection.
Mail collection and forwarding.

After each visit, Elite Riviera sends a complete report – with photos if necessary - that keeps owners fully informed about the condition of their property: if necessary, an action plan is suggested and a preliminary estimate is arranged.

Your property is kept in the best condition

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